Friday, April 20, 2012

Bits and Pieces Puzzle Sneak Peak!

Puzzle and gift retailer Bits and Pieces will ship its newest catalog in just a few weeks but we have a sneak peak at one of their newest puzzles!

To Gnome Me Is To Love Me is a 300 oversized-piece jigsaw puzzle designed by artist Brooke Faulder.  It's a Bits Original Puzzle, meaning you won't be able to purchase it anywhere else.
Measures 18" x 24".
Visit the Bits and Pieces web site to shop the hundreds of jigsaws they currently have in stock.  You can also sign up to receive their catalog here.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Artist: Jan van Haasteren

Have you ever challenged yourself with a jigsaw puzzle drawn by Jan van Haasteren?  The Dutch cartoonist's humorous images are easily recognizable for being especially crowded and detailed.  Jan's drawings have appeared as jigsaw puzzles since 1985 when he started collaborating with Jumbo, the game company headquartered in his native Holland.  Some of the puzzles are extra difficult because they're sold in piece counts of 1500, 2000 and even 3000 pieces!

Bits and Pieces offers a number of Jan van Haasteren puzzles, including The Farm, a 1500 Piece Large Format Jigsaw Puzzle:

Measures 23½" x 35½"

The same jigsaw puzzle is also available in 3000 pieces.

Spilsbury sells Jan van Haasteren puzzles, too.  One of their top sellers is The Zoo, presented in 1000 pieces:

Measures 26¾" x 19¼"

Try one today!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bits and Pieces Offers Big Savings to Email Subscribers

Are you a true jigsaw puzzle enthusiast?  Have you subscribed to the Bits and Pieces email newsletter?  You'll get 10% off your first order and email subscribers routinely receive exclusive, limited time sale offers not advertised anywhere else.  Sale promotions range from free shipping to huge discounts on select items.  For example, subscribers were recently offered the following adorable puppy puzzle for just $5.99:

Tiger's New Discoveries, a 300 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by artist Brooke Faulder (this link will show you the retail price - a promotional code is required for the discount offer).
Tiger's New Discoveries measures 18" x 24"

Click here to sign up today - look on the Bits and Pieces homepage for this image and enter your email address in the text box:

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bits and Pieces Updates Animal Themed Jigsaw Categories

Bits and Pieces is always adding new stock to its inventory, and they have recently updated their animal themed puzzle categories. Dozens of jigsaws that fit into popular categories for Birds, Cats, Dogs, and Wildlife (featuring all your favorite exotic animals and woodland creatures) are now presorted for you and are just a click away.

Here are their Top Selling Puzzles in each animal themed category:

Birdbath Garden, a 750 Piece Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle by artist Alan Giana.

Birdbath Garden measures 20" x 27"

Cute Cats In A Row by artist Debbie Cook.  The 300 Large Piece Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle features six adorable felines and larger pieces that are easier to work with.  This puzzle also offers unique measurements in a panoramic 13-3/8" x 38-9/16".

Cute Cats in a Row measures 13-3/8" x 38-9/16"

Apple Pups 300 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Patricia Borque.
Apple Pups measures 18" x 24"

A Mother's Love by Tricia Reilly-Matthews. This jigsaw is the featured item on the Bits and a Pieces 2012 Spring catalog. 

A Mother's Love measures 18" x 24"

Spring Has Sprung
, a 725 Piece Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle by Russell Cobane is also a wildlife bestseller.

Spring Has Sprung measures 20" x 27"