Monday, March 26, 2012

Spilsbury Web Site Increases Image Sizes

Jigsaw puzzle and gift retailer Spilsbury has modified its web site design to show larger product images to online shoppers.  Site visitors formerly saw product images at a resolution of 250 square pixels, but images are now automatically displayed at 400 square pixels (a whopping 156% increase in detail!), and shoppers can even click their way to an even larger (500 pixel) display of the item.

Spilsbury product images are now 60% larger online.

Can't resist the loveable puppies in the image above?  This 300 large-piece jigsaw, Picnic Time, designed by artist Tom Wood, is currently one of Spilsbury's top sellers.  The puzzle measures 18" x 24" -- shoppers can also pick up a Puzzle Framing Kit to display their finished work.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Top Selling Puzzles of the 2012 Winter Season

Have you been curling up by the fire with a good jigsaw puzzle this winter? Jigsaw retailers Bits and Pieces and Spilsbury have announced their top selling puzzles from their Winter catalogs.

Spilsbury's top selling puzzle is a 1,000 piece shaped jigsaw called Spring Break Cottage.  This challenging puzzle is designed by artist Mary Thompson and measures 26" x 39".

Bits and Pieces' top seller of the winter season is one of their Value Sets, a collection of two 500 piece jigsaw puzzles featuring Seasonal Flowers.  For one low price you get the following:
  - Butterfly Picnic by artist Nancy Wernerbach
  - Think Spring by artist Maureen McCarthy

Puzzles measure 16" x 20" each.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spilsbury's Top Selling Puzzles of 2011

Catalog and online retailer Spilsbury, known for jigsaw puzzles, gag gifts, gadgets, toys, games and other fun items, has reported its top selling jigsaw puzzles of 2011. Coming in at #1 is a 1,000 piece shaped Fall leaf puzzle designed by artist Lori Schory.

Other best selling puzzles include this bird-themed Lilac Lane, a 300 piece puzzle with oversized pieces (making them easier to see and handle), by artist Janene Grende.

Spilsbury noted that Linda Jane Smith's Purrfect Christmas, the 1,000 piece Christmas themed cat puzzle that graced the cover of its holiday catalog, was also a top seller.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bits and Pieces Announces Family Puzzle and Game Station

Bits and Pieces has launched a new product in its Spring catalog catering to game and jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts, the Family Puzzle and Game Station.

The beech wood table features a pine laminate work surface and each side has two slide out drawers to store game supplies or puzzle pieces. Offered at $299.99, the Bits and Pieces Family Puzzle And Game Station has a work surface of 26 ½" x 36 ½" and measures 39 ¾" wide x 29 ⅝" deep x 29 ¾" high.

This game table comes on the heels of its incredibly popular Fold-And-Go® Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table, one of the company's top selling items for all of 2011.